I'm now suffering from stress because of my teeth... I used to wear braces 3 years ago and now I'm wearing retainer for a week but I'm not satisfied.

Second opinion. I have seen your many posts regarding this issue. If you are not satisfied, then you should go to another one or two highly recommended orthodontists in your area and see what, if anything, can be done orthodontically to improve the results.Depending upon what the orthodontists tell you, other options would be to consult with a general dentist or prosthodontist regarding other restorative options.
Stress. It is stressful to pour your time and energy into something and it not give you what you want. That wonderful retainer needs to be worn forever starting the week they take off your braces. I wore my retainer for 6 years and thought that was enough but the moment i stopped my teeth wanted to see other parts of the world and started drifting. Our teeth are like nomads, try to fence them in!
Not satisfied. Did you wear retainers after your braces came off? Did you stop wearing them and recently started again? Teeth will drift post-braces unless retained. Return to the General Dentist or Orthodontist for a re-evaluation. Or seek second opinions from highly qualified Orthodontic specialists. Make sure to describe exactly what it is that you are dissatisfied about.