What is the pharmacological mechanism of action of lithium carbonate when used to treat bipolar disorder?

Unknown. The exact mechanism is not fully understood. It effects sodium transport in nerve cells and may have effects on several neurotransmitters, most notably glutamate and serotonin. It is the most effective agent for mood stability, but may have effects on thyroid and kidneys after many years of continuous use.
Enhances serotonin. The exact mechanism is not known, but proably by enhancing serotonin. Lithium is the best mood stabilizer in spite of the many new mood stabilizers. Lithium level must be monitored for the side effects.Google for the side effects of lithium.

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Would taking the caffeine-free version of hydroxycut have any interaction with the lithium carbonate I take for my bipolar disorder?

Bipolar. Lithium can be both good and bad. Please let the doctor who is caring for you know your concerns. Lithium may have an effect on your thyroid or parathyroid gland that needs evaluation. If you can, go online and look up side effects of lithium. Doesn't cause problems often but once is enough. Read more...