How do I know if I should let my baby cry it out?

CRY BABY. A crying baby or a cry baby? Age matters.An infant first sound is a hard lusty cry, a hello I am here! your baby will cry for a lot of reasons, always check in a young infant that is cryning to make sure nothing is wrong.As parent and child get to know each other better, you will learn to recognize the different tones of your baby's cry.But remember always better safe than sorry!
Check on Baby. There are 4 types of cries: 1. I am sick. 2. I am hungry. 3. I am soiled. 4. I want to play. Learn the four types, with the first one being very important. Never let a a baby cry for more than 2 hours because this may cause a gas-pain syndrome. You may need to allow the baby cry if older than 6 mos. Because of behavioral-nightime issues.
Age dependent. With young infants it is not a good idea to let them cry it out with the exception of a baby who is overtired. In that case you can let them cry for five to ten minutes to see if they settle down. Older infants and children can learn to manipulate with crying so you must try to evaluate the situation and see if there is a valid reason for the child's crying before you let them cry it out.