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Have CKD stage 3-Had UTI 1 mth ago went fine, now bad hip and low back pain goes up to the neck no swelling or fever, could be related to my kidneys?

Too complicated. . Your symptoms may or may not be related. However, since you have CKD at the age of 48 yrs, I would anticipate that you have other medical problems as well. Unfortunately, this is really not the correct forum to try to tease out the cause of your symptoms-I would expect that you already have a Nephrologist as well as an internist/family doctor. PLEASE contact them for further evaluation. Best of luck.

How likely is it to have PID after d&c with no fever/discharge? Only bloating & some tender and soreness in abdomen, uti like symptoms & low back pain

Not likely. PID is not particularly common after a D and C unless gonorrhea, chlamydia were present at the time f surgery and were not treated. Schedule a follow up with your surgeon. Have your urine tested for urinary tract infection and they can do an exam to make sure all is well.

I have had a UTI for about a week and now im getting bad lower back pain and a little on both sides of my abs. Whats going on?

Pelvic infection. See your gynecologist for an exam; you could have a sexually transmitted infection. This can happen even if you and your partner have not had any symptoms. You need an exam and for cultures to be taken. Antibiotics will help.
See your doctor. Infection may be getting worse, and you may need to change antibiotics.

I think I have a uti? Sharp side and lower back pain on the right side?

UTI. Back pain has many causes. Pyelonephritis is a significant infection, usually causing fever, chills and muscle aches in addition to pain over the involved kidney. I would recommentd you see a physician and have a urinalysis and urine culture. It is also possible that you have a kidney stone.