I feel pain in lower part of legs while running on treadmill, searched on net and found that it could be shin splints. Pls suggest how 2 get rid of it?

Several Options... "shin splint" typically refers to pain on the front of the lower leg, . Pain in this area may come from medial tibial stress syndrome (mtss), stress fractures, or compartment syndrome. Identifying the underlying reason for your pain can then help with a specific plan of care. Treatments usually consist of rest, stretching, ice, massage, or orthotics. (drmarkgalland.Com).
Rest. Shin splints, medial tibial stress syndrome and exercise induced compartment syndrome are possibilities. The first two should get better with rest then gradual slow return to activity. Compartment syndrome usually will not. This compartment syndrome differs from the traumatic type. If it comes back see a sports medicine person to be evaluated after trying rest and gradual return.