Is it normal for a child to have bow legs.

Yes. Once pathological conditions such as blount's disease or rickets have been ruled out, some bowing of the legs is normal in toddlers.
Yes. Most children are bowlegged in the toddler years.
Yes. Yes, but it depends on their age. Most infants are born bow legged, which resolves usually by age two. By age three, many children have knock-knees. If you're infant is bow legged and two years old or older, or if he/she is has a bow leg only on one side, you should contact your pediatrician.
As below. I agree with the other physician. The age of your child is important to know, as well as gender, race, any injuries, family history, milestones and physical exam and x-rays are some of the work up orthopaedic physicians use to evaluate this condition. Usually the deformity of the legspontaneously corrects itself as the child grows. I would recommend an evaluation by a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon for your concerns not saying they need surgery just an evaluation and recommendations.
Sometimes. Please call your pediatrician to discuss your concern to be sure no intervention is indicated.
Bow legs child. Because of the fetal coiling of the legs most babies are born with bow legs and internal tibial torsion. This changes with weight baring and actually goes to a period of knock knee. Your genes play a role as well.
Bowed legs. Bow-legs in a child should correct around age 8 or 9. If they do not, this indicates there might be a structural issue. There are many different types of bowing that are associated with different diseases, but the majority of the time it is normal physiological bowing. Early x-rays CAD determine if there are changes in the growth plate and if intervention is needed earlier.
Bow legs. I agree with dr mandelbaum. Also check with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon early on for asymmetry, which may denote blount's disease, fracture, or other associated conditions. Genu valgus is a normal finding from age 6 and up.
Vitamin D. Sometimes it is related to vitamin d deficiency. So please make sure of good nutritional support and vit d supplements if not exposed to sun or if of dark skin color. Do not forget to consult with the primary care physician.
A pic is worth. Here is a diagram that illustrates the normal changes in children's legs with age from bow legs to knock knees. Hope this helps.
Normal. Some bowing is normal for infants to 2-3 year-old. After that, some may change into cross legs till 8 year-old.
Usually. Internal tibial torsion is the most common form of bowed legs in first 2 years. It resolves over time without treatment.