How I can taller?

Stature. First you need to know if you still can growth if that so you can only reach your height potential there are no real treatment for height if you were meant to be short or shorter than you would like.

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I am 5.4 inches tall and I have 90kg weight. How I can be tall more and loss my weight?

Eat less & exercise. It is impossible to grow taller at age 24 but you can lose weight- the key is not a temporary diet but permanent changes. Sugars & simple carbs from grains esp. cause weight gain. I like Dr. Furhman's diet: Dr. Weil has useful info: see his "discuss that" link in his article. Exercise is also important. Read more...

Can I tell me how I can grow taller fast?

? age listed as 42. The growth centers of your bones determine how tall you can grow.Most growth centers will close at 16-19 years of age in males. After that happens, you can not grow taller. If your growth centers were open, a balanced diet/rest ; healthy physical activity would support good growth.Their are no special diet or exercises that make you taller. Read more...