If the pre-cum is wiped off really good can you still get pregnant & he doesn't ejaculate in me? My next pd is like the 3-12 when should I take a test?

Yes. There are about 400 million sperm when a man ejaculates. There are about 4 million in preejaculatory -- the fluid that comes out before orgasm. It only takes 1. Check a test if you miss your period. Use Plan B if intercourse was within 72 hours.
Pre-ejaculate. If he has already released pre-ejaculate in your vagina, you can't simply clean it out really well. I would take a pregnancy test if you miss your period. Pre-ejaculate may contain large amounts of viable sperm (less common), smaller amounts of sperm that are dead or alive or no sperm. Thus, there is potential for pregnancy with pre-ejaculate. Sperm need to be deposited in vagina or introitus.