What are the symptoms of upper respiratory infection and what kinds of drugs can give to baby of 8 month old?

No drugs. Symptoms of URI are runny nose, cough, low grade fever, decreased appetite etc. Please do not use any over the counter medicines besides tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin for reducing the fever. Most of the uri's are self limiting and symptomatic treatment with lots of fluids and rest are sufficient. If there is worsening of symptoms please see your pediatrician.

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What meds can I take for a upper respiratory infection while nursing? My baby is only 1 week old.

NONE. Assuming you have a virus, ignore all the noise from people trying to sell you things for this. Soup and other liquids may feel good in your throat. Nose spray can open your nose if severely stuffed. Antibiotics, vitamins, and herbs are all useless for this. Do not smoke. For severe cough there is albuteral inhaler. The less they know, the louder some people crow on this subject. Read more...

I've had a deep whooping type cough for 2-3 months. Now upper respiratory infection with pain. What should I ask my doctor?

URI. Ask if you had adult pertussis (whooping cough), whether you may have had an atypical pathogen (mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc.), whether you now have a new infection and what it may be due to. It would also be a very good opportunity to stop smoking entirely. Good luck and hope you are better soon. Read more...