Does intake of low doses of aspirin good for health on a long term?

Low dose asprin. Please see your doc before taking low dose aspirin. It can help people but if not needed it can cause brain bleed in a small percent of people. Peace and good health.
It's hard to prove. I think if you are high risk for heart attack or stroke it makes sense to take aspirin, but some studies have shown no benefit so the jury is still out. And, it can cause bleeding and must be stopped 1 week prior to surgery; so ask your doctor.
No. Recent studies have shown that low dose aspirin has no benefit for individuals with a low cardiovascular risk. In fact, the risk of a major GI bleed is significantly higher if you be take low dose aspirin on a regular basis.
Pros and cons. Agree with both Drs. S. Aspirin has pros and cons and it not an easy issue. You health status, and family history need to evaluated to figure the risk benefit ratio. You doctor would be better prepared to do.
Have a healthy diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, have safe sex, and get HPV vaccine. Wish you good health!