My daughter has skin colored bumps on her back. Is this normal?

Not normal. While bumpy lesions on the back are definitely not "normal" they may or may not represent something serious. In order to tell if this is something to worry about your pediatrician will need to take a look.
Common problem. Skin colored bumps on the chest and back are common and usually not a problem. If your baby is overheated these can pop up in the neck and shoulder blade area. If your baby has dry, itchy skin colored patches it may be eczema. Skin colored bumps on the cheeks and upper arms are often inherited, but not a problem. On-line photos of skin rashes may help you sort this out.
Maybe ! This type of question is really almost impossible to answer accurately without seeing the bumps. You should show it to your pediatrician, who when seeing the bumps should be able to give a more definitive answer. " probablys and maybes" are not really good enough.