What can be done if a person has already had radiology and laser surgery done for vercose veins but the problem is still there in the foot?

Vericose veins. As stated , this sounds like spider veins in the foot. These are nearly impossible to get rid of. Using compression hose helps more than an attempt at eradicating them .
Support hose. I hate to say, but you will likely be chasing these around with a laser or similar method if you intend to treat. Better to get good support compression stockings to wear when you can. If they are "spider veins" in the foot, and you are concerned about appearance, you may be able to cover with make-up or spray tan product? Larger varicose veins are not usually reversible for much lenth of time.
Sclerotherapy. You might be a candidate for sclerotherapy. It's a procedure where the physician injects a salt based solution directly into the veins. This will cause the vessel to scar and disappear from view.
Further Evaluation . Doppler ultrasound can be performed to assess the cause of any recurrent varicose veins after ablative procedure. The goal of ultrasound is to identify all incompetent truncal veins ; to determine whether they are responsible for your clinical problem. Exercise, weight loss, leg elevation, avoiding prolonged standing/sitting ; compression stockings prevent varicose veins from getting worse.