My child will not eat baby food - what should I do?

Be patient. Many cultures breast feed alone until far into the second year & their infants thrive. If your baby wants to wait a while, be patient. When baby can sit in a high chair, joining the family meal can entice them to join you. Offering baby food while the rest of the family feasts may work. If baby prefers a mashed up sample of what you have, great. With planning, you can skip the baby food step.
Assess Liquid Cals. Many toddlers refuse solid foods simply because they get their fill of calories from juice or milk. Eliminating juice from the the diet can greatly increase appetite (better to eat the fruit than to drink the juice!). And if your toddler drinks more than 15-20 oz milk/day, discuss with you doctor whether you need to cut back.
It's unnecessary. I always tell moms that the only reason to use baby food is the convenience of a jar you can carry around with you. If your baby likes solids, then you can give anything you can turn to mush in a blender or food processor. Further, if it's something freshly made, it will be fresher and tastier than anything that comes out of a jar.
Give baby food at 6m. Babies under 4 months of age do not eat baby food. They only drink breastmilk and/or formula. Baby food is started at 6 months. Some parents try giving rice cereal at 4-5 months, but that usually is not necessary. It's best to wait until 6 months, even for rice cereal.
Call Your Doctor. Most babies enjoy eating solid foods, although most have some dislikes. If your baby will not eat solid foods by 6 months old, your pediatrician should be consulted.