Inside of my elbow hurts when moving it?

Might be tendonitis. A person who gets a numbness, soreness, or tenderness (to pressing on it) where the muscles attach near the elbow may have tendonitis . . . But he will usually know what caused it. The cause is overuse of the arm during the past day or two. Icing the sore spot and taking some Motrin can help. He can wrap the sore area with an over-the-counter elastic band, which will spread the muscle's force out.

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Inside of my elbow hurts when moving it. How to treat this pain?

Golfer's elbow. "golfer's" elbow is one of the most common causes of pain on the inside of the elbow. It is due to an inflamation of a muscle group that has its origin on the inner elbow/humerus. Anti inflammatory rx and rest from the activity can help. Physical therapy and at times injects are necessary, surgery is uncommon. Other causes include arthritis, and neutritis. Have a doc sort it out. Read more...