Can you get pregnant on your fertile days?

Fertile Days. Yes and we think that the average fertility rate is about 20% (but the rate decreases with female age). The egg is healthy for about 18 hours after ovulation. The sperm live inside the woman for 2 days reliably but occasionally for much longer. We usually recommend sex every other day around ovulation to maximize sperm quality and timing. Keep track as fertility doc will want data if problems.

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Can you get pregnant on your fertile days or only when you ovulate?

Sorta both, read on. Literally you can only get pregnant the day you ovulate, but since sperm live for several days after sex you get a window of several "fertile days" before and including ovulation day. After ovulation day, chances drop to zero very quickly. Good wishes. Read more...

Can you get pregnant after your non fertile days and ovulation day?

Yes and no. If you could pinpoint the exact moment of ovulation (it's impossible) you would have at most 1 day in which you could conceive. But trying before anmd after your expected or assuemd ovulation can be helpful in case you ovulate later than anticipated. Read more...