What can I take for arthritis?

MANY ANSWERS. I wish I could tell you exactly what to take, but that is diificult without knowing what type of arthritis a patient has. There are over 140 types of arthritis and the type of arthritis dictates what therapy is necessary. Further information on the arthritis type is necessay for more specific answers.

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What can I take for arthritis paon if I am allergic tp naproxin?

Several choices. Patients allergic to Naproxen may also need to avoid Aspirin and other anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is a good non-prescription choice for mild to moderate pain. More severe pain may require tramadol or even hydrocodone (vicodin).
Try tylenol (acetaminophen) Other options include steroids, tramadol, narcotics etc. Ask your dr. Try over the counter glucosamine-chondroitin, capzasin /bengay cream, garlic tabs, apple cider vinegar etc. Google online for herbal meds for arthritis. Exercise. Stay young and avoid getting older! Take care!

What can or should I take for arthritis pain in all. Major joints.

NSAIDS if you can. A program of regular nsaids is what I prefer. U must b cleared by ur physician to b sure u r able to take them & the 2 of u must go over the risks & advantages of using them. They r not without risk, both GI & cardiovascular as well as kidneys & more. Good luck.
Joint pain. You can start with tylenol (acetaminophen) or Ibuprofen over the counter. If your pain is not improved, you should see your doctor for more evaluation.

What drugs can I take for excruciating arthritis pain and where to get it?

Arthritis Drugs. Drugs for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis include Leflunomide (arava) and the "biologic" medications Etanercept (enbrel), Infliximab (remicade), Anakinra (kineret), Adalimumab (humira), Rituximab (rituxan), Abatacept (orencia), golimumab (simponi), certolizumab pegol (cimzia), and tocilizumab (actemra). Each of these medications can increase the risk for infections but are very effective.

Can't take nsads anymore because of intestonal abscess and earlier blockage. What can I take for bad osteo-arthritis pain other than tylenol (acetaminophen)? Hurting

Topicals? You may want to discuss topical patches, creams, etc with you physician. Many have shown very good results.
Topicals. They have rx topical nsaids that should be safe like voltaren (diclofenac) gel. They also have compounding pharmacies that doctors can order specific combos for the patients.