What is the best treatment for hemorrhoids? Can surgery fix it permanently?

Soften stools. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the anus. When they suddenly develop blood clots, they may protrude externally, and become enlarged and painful - called a "thrombosed" hemorrhoid, and often requires surgical removal to lessen the pain. Hemorrhoids that are not thrombosed may be removed with rubber band "ligation". Prevention is best - avoid straining with bowel movements and keep stool soft.
Symptoms? Depends on what you have already tried. The first things are conservative including infcreasing fluid and fiber in diet to ensure that you bms are soft, losing weight, limiting the time sitting on the toilet. Flare ups are then treated with creams, ointments. If still a problem you could try banding and finally excision/ligatiom. Surgery is really the only definitive treatment for this.
It depends. There are a number of non-resectional approaches (tissue not cut out) as well as surgical removal of symptomatic tissue. However, if the cause of the hemorrhoids is not changed, they will recur even after surgery. See a colorectal surgeon about what approach is best for you.