An MRI shows I have two herniated disks in my neck that causes me pain often, what is the best treatment?

Two directions. 1. If no direct effect on nerves or spinal cord, do not operate but use conservative p.T., and perhaps motorized cervical traction. An epidural steroid injection may help. Over time the disks may dessicate and shrink. 2. Nerve compression, spinal cord compressioin, indications for potential surgery. 3. Have spinal surgeon evaluate.
Treatment. Pain mdicine first, steroids possibly, and/or, as a last resort, surgery or epidural steroid injections. But check with a qualified physician and discuss the options.
Various options. Treatment for herniated discs vary from physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, steroid pills, steroid injections, and occasionally surgery. What is "best" is what works for your particular case. Consult with your doctor to determine the "best" treatment.