Are the pimples on my baby's chin baby acne?

Yes. It could also be milia - tiny white bumps on newborn skin. Acne tends to develop a few weeks after birth, while milia are often present at birth. Milia are thought to be due to premature or blocked sebaceous (oil) glands. There is no need for treatment, they will disappear naturally.
Yes. It can be very common for babies around one month old to develop pimples signifying baby acne. The can be on the face, chin, and chest. At other times, it is important to evaluate a baby to make sure there isn't another cause for the pimples (such as premature puberty).
Yes. Newborns develop baby acne around 2 weeks of age and it peaks around 6 weeks, usually gone by 12. If your baby is in this age group, it could be newborn acne. Your baby's pores are sensitive to changes in hormone levels (just like during the teen years) - so all those Estrogens they were exposed to during pregnancy are suddently gone - and boom - breakout! No treatment needed - be patient.

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Can a 3 week old infant get baby acne on her head? All over her face also including eyelids. Everyday it's getting worse. What can I do?

Baby acne. Baby acne is a common occurence. Wash her face with mild soap once a day. Do not try to pop the pimples or blackheads. The acne will disappear over several months. If the acne is becoming more widespread have her seen by her doctor.

Baby acne on her cheeks behInd her ears & all over her head normal? Not spreadIng to body but seems worse somedays could my dIet be cause? Fast food?

Seborrheic derm. Not baby acne, more likely seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap). Use aquaphor to all affected areas and gently scrape out the crust. Probably not an allergic reaction. The good news is that they grow out of it. Attach a pic if you can :)

Does baby acne on an infant make their skin appear darker?

Consult doctor. An infant should not have acne. If the baby has any rash or pimples, please consult your pediatrician.

7 week infant has baby acne and dry skin on face. What can I do to help? How long does thr acnd usually last?

Patience. Baby acne is a common and temporary problem. It usually appears by age 2 weeks and disappears by 3 months. Keeping the skin clean is the major plan. If it persists after 3 months and or intensifies, some normal ace treatments can be beneficial, but the doc should look into unusual hormonal issues as a cause at that point.

Can baby acne appear in places other than the babies face? My son's ped diagnosis him w/baby acne. But it has spread to his arms and shoulders.

Baby Acne. Baby acne, also called infant or infantile acne, looks like a rough, red rash. It's most common on the infant's cheeks and nose, although it can appear anywhere on the face and back. Comedones and papules will be present, and possibly some small pustules. Baby acne may come and go, and tends to look worse when the baby is fussy or crying. Yes, it can also appear on arms or legs.
Anywhere teens have. Baby acne is very similar in origin and distribution as that of a teenager. The face & upper chest & back are most often involved along with the shoulders. All the lesions seem to be a similar age & gradually fade over time.

My 3 and a half week old son has small red pimples all over his face, arms, scalp, the back of his neck & a little on his legs. Is this baby acne?

Rash. It is more likely to be heat rash, it is hard to tell without seeing & feeling it, keep the bay cool in light loose cotton clothes, but if persisted or got worse, see your pediatrician. Good luck. Enjoy your bundle of joy.
Probably. A baby floating in the slick moist environment of the womb will have pristine skin at birth. Between 2 wks and 2 months, more than half of infants will have transient baby acne triggered by the hormones that came across during pregnancy. Keeping it clean allows it to run its course. If any sites are more inflamed or persistent, your doc should evaluate. It should fade completely by 3 mo.