Is my baby crying all the time from colic?

No. Your baby is crying all the time because (s)he is unhappy and maybe in pain. Figuring the cause of the discomfort is important. It could be colic, acid reflux, a reaction to something you are eating if you are breast feeding or to formula if you are bottle feeding. I would suggest a visit to your pediatrician for a more thorough evaluation and more detailed history.
No. Well, it depends. Your baby could have acid reflux. Does she spit up a lot? If so, she could be having heartburn. Also, your baby could be having symptoms from gas. You could try mylicon (simethicone) gas drops to see if that helps. Another possibility is a food allergy (if you are breastfeeding, it could be certin foods such as milk protein, soy, shellfish, nuts, or eggs).