I'm having lower back pain and severe leg pain that will not go away I'm 14 weeks pregnant. What could be wrong?

Normal. This type of pain is very normal in early stages of pregnancy. Most of it has to do with a nerve supply to the uterus and pressure on the nerves to the legs. It usually gets better over time.

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I have bad lower back pain when I lie down, as well as constant bilateral lower leg pain. I'm 22 otherwise healthy. Any thought?

See below. Go see an orthopedic surgeon and get a xray of your back. Lumbar spine good luck thank you.
Uncommon. Having severe back pain, especially when laying down, is uncommon at your age. Constant leg pain is also uncommon. Medical evaluation is necessary to elucidate the reason for your symptoms.
Back Pain. I would be most concerned about nerve compromise inside the spinal column. This could arise from disc disease or a bone spur, but other possibilities do exist. The fact that lying down makes it worse suggests that the spinal column is the most likely source for the symptoms. I suggest you see a back specialists for proper evaluation and treatment.
See your doctor. With rhe leg and back pain it could be a pinched nerve or other problem so see your doctor.
Leg pain. Is likely from the back problems. Mri would be needed and consult with orthopedic surgeon or pain management.
Lower Back Pain. Pain in the back and legs in a horizontal position that is not relieved by changing position except to be upright is a red flag. Concern is something blocking venous return of blood through batson's plexus. Especially concerning if radiating into legs.

Lower back pain and leg pain and out of work for 3 weeks with it. I am on painkillers from my doctor but how long more will I be like this?

Needs further tests! Pain medication is symptomatic only and not a "Treatment"! There are a myriad of causes of back pain. An experienced physician and appropriate testing will diagnose the etiology of the problem then treatment can be tailored for the cause.

Leg pain when walk. Only one leg. Pain is side of leg that runs down to toes. Lower back pain. All this after working out. Tingling in toes.?

Consider. Although could be very benign, such as strain/sprain; the description suggests a potential nerve compression in lower back, such as might be seen secondary to disc disruption. Would have your doctor evaluate this, and would place exercise currently on hold as potential for worsening if your work out injured you.