What is the ideal breakfast for someone with pcos / insulin resistance? Something to promote weight loss/low carb?

Breakfast. The important thing is not to skip breakfast. Low glycemic diet is important. Omega 3 rather than omega 6, trans fats and saturated fats are important. Fruit, veggies and protein should be an important part of any meal. Also, a morning and afternoon snack with a bit less less food at your meals, ie spread the calories around can also help.
Lower glycemic index. Avoid foods which are high in carbs and sugars. Focus on increasing your fiber intake. Make sure your diet is well-balanced. Please see a nutritionist for recommendations.
Low glycemic food. Breakfast that includes a balance of high fiber carb, some fat and protein is ideal. There is good quality cereals that have high fiber content that can minimize rapid glucose rise. A fruit serving such as small bannana, handful of rasberries or straberries with slice of low fat cheese is good. Few pieces of almond or pecan on the cereal with make it the perfect breakfast !
Diet and exercise. Diets for pcos are controversial some people would recommend low carbs while others will say caloric restriction, most of the studies about dieting in pcos will have similar results, so i will recommend a healthy diet and exercise.

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Is a low carb diet for insulin resistance/losing weight okay? I'm focusing on protein, healthy fats and, if any, its healthy carbs (I dont eat bread).

YES. I recommend the paleo diet. If you do have carbs Stacy gluten free WholeApproach.com. Also vitamins to boost ATP production ubiquinol/ribose/carnitine. I recommend rejuvenation-science.com. Check them out. Gluten free and vegan. Read more...