Red eye lids with very small white spots?

Blepharitis. It sounds like you have posterior blepharitis that produce the red eyelid margins and whitish oil gland orifices (inspissation) results in irritation & soreness. Very warm compresses x 10' 2-4 times/day, eyelid massages with diluted baby shampoo, artificial tears, fish/flaxseed oil are the usual initial treatment. If more care is needed see eye md for more aggressive help.
Many possibilities. A few possibilities include allergy, blepharitis, rosacea, and contact dermatitis. See an ophthalmologist to get a precise diagnosis and treatment.

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Why do I have red eye lids all the time IV had this for a few years never been to my doctor it does not hurt only when I cream my skin?

Allergic dermatitis. You should be examined. There could be multiple reasons for the red eyelids. One reason could be an allergy to a topical agent like your make up or a cream. There is also another skin disorder called acne rosacea that can affect the eye area. These conditions are easily treated.

Red eye lines, red spots on the corner of eye. Play my phone a lot. Eye degree 500+. Wearing specs. No eye drops nothing else help please!

Depends how long? If you've just noticed it now, and it's not hurting, and just red spot, make sure your doctor watches it. If it's spreading, painful, and you keep touching it, or related to possible dust orbacteria from phone use, or a recent viral cold, and no discharge, try using lubricating saline drops (without perservative).Then, have your eye doctor examine you fully. It could be just irritated capillaries.

About 1 week ago I awoke with a single red eye but only in the inner corner. It has remained in that spot for a week and my eye feels uncomfortable.

See ophthalmologist. The eye probably has a small hemorrhage in the sclera which will go away in time. The problem is that this is less likely since you are symptomatic. Do not fool with the eye. Vision is precious and you will do yourself a favor by being seen and making sure this is nothing more severe. Go over to the eye center on mohammed ali. They should be still open. Call first.