How about a man anger with no reasons? What did you advice for him?

Unfulfilled desire. The cause of anger is unfulfilled desire - find out what exactly is the problem which creates sadness inside and expressed as anger. People who get angry quick tend to have problems with pancreas so make sure you take glutamine and lecithin daily.
Talking. When a lot of tension / pressure / stress / frustration accumulate inside, there can be unexpected outbursts of anger that can be quite frightening for all who witness it. My guess is that having an opportunity to talk to a close friend or a professional about whatever is troubling you will afford you tremendous relief.
Anger. I would recommend to see a professional. Could be a psychiatrist or psychologist. There are many questions that need to be asked: how severe are the anger attacks, how frequent, are there any triggers, how is your baseline mood, do you use any substances/alcohol etc. Anger could be part of a variety of medical and psychiatric conditions.