How can I get my baby to sleep in her crib?

Be Firm/Consistent. This is always easier advice to give than take, but it will work, and all books on the topic use some permutation of this advice. Put your baby in the crib when they are drowsy but still awake so they associate the crib with falling asleep. They will cry, but will learn to sleep in the crib in 7-10 days. Don't let them train you to rock them to sleep, bring to your bed, etc. They will be fine.
Quiet bedtime habits. From birth to about 15-18 months, a baby can be taught to sleep in a crib. After 15-18 months, some babies can climb out of a crib. From the beginning, parents should keep a consistent, unexciting bedtime routine, so their baby gets sleepy instead of stimulated. After putting the baby down to sleep, parents should stay where the baby cannot see them, if their baby is a hard-to-fall-asleep baby.