10 weeks after l ankle sprain. Wearing inflatable stirrup brace. Pain around r small round bone if don't wear n walk. Doc said weak ligament. Help.

Many options. There are various possible treatment options depending on the location and severity of the injury. Options may include: immobilization, physical therapy, and surgical repair.
Not abnormal. If the pain is not improving at all, it may be time to obtain an MRI scan to rule out the possibilty of cartilage damage, or possibly a tendon tear. If you are steadily improving, then just continue with the brace and therapy.
Time heals all . Wounds. Depending on the severity of the sprain 10 weeks is not out of the ordinary for a moderate or severe sprain. Assuming x-rays were performed to rule out a fracture, then if pain persists an MRI can be performed to rule out or provide the extent of the soft tissue injury.