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Been feeling weak and tired. Body aches. Then came down with headache, irritated sore throat, and runny nose (a cold) feel better. Still have a weak jittery feeling throughout arms and body.?

Viral syndrome. You have described a very typical viral syndrome. We call it this because we often don't know the name of the virus or how you got it, but the symptoms of fatigue and body aches are classic, as is the sore throat and headache. Feeling "jittery" is not unusual. It will resolve without antibiotics, only helpful in bacterial infections, with rest, hydration/fluid, and acetominophen/ibuprofen.

I have a random blister on my chin, is it herpes? I'm also experiencing headache, body aches, a cough, sore throat and a fever. Help?

Blister. The blister on the chin may represent a cold sore caused by the herpes virus. Your symptoms represent a viral illness symptomatic care such as fluids and antipyretics are in order.

I've been having this cough, head ache, sore throat, and really tired lately. Medication doesn't help, any ideas?

Rest. Honestly, rest and allowing your body to heal is the best thing with cold-like symptoms. If it lasts longer than 10 days you will need to see a doctor for exam. I always use raw honey for cough, saline irrigation for sinuses, Ibuprofen for aches and pain.