Nonsmoker, nondrinker. Sore throat for three months. Swollen lymph nodes on left side. No fever. Antibiotics did not help much. Came right back?

See your doctor. Despite being a non-smoker and non-drinker, these symptoms could possibly be related to a more serious medical condition and should be evaluated by a physician, either an internist or an ENT (ears, nose throat doctor.
Reflux? You could be suffering from acid reflux, try an otc antacid and see if it makes a difference, if not see an ear nose throat doctor to look into it.

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Swollen lymph nodes on left side. Sore throat on that side for about three months. No fever. Real excessive phlegm formation?

Go to see ENT. Go to see an ENT for further evaluation. While it could be just an infection, however other thing like growth or mass/rumor can be presented with chronic sore throat- especially if you are a smoker and also drink alcohol, your risk for developing head and neck cancer is elevated. Read more...