17yrs chronic diarrhea, celiac and microscopic colitis. Various meds. On 6mp now & pure glutenfree diet. No improvement. Other remedies?

Refractory Celiac? Refractory celiac disease is when symptoms of celiac disease return or are persistent even on a gluten free diet. Patients should be evaluated by their gastroenterologist to make sure the symptoms are not related to unknown gluten exposure from "hidden gluten" or the early signs of intestinal lymphoma. Refractory celiac disease often shows t-cell gene rearrangement in the biopsy.
Difficult problem. Be sure of the diagnoses; be strict with the diet; make sure there is nothing else going on (including small bowel lymphoma-complication of celiac); sometimes steroids can help. Symptomatic rx with cholestyramine-nonspecific constipating effect (watch for vitamin deficiencies). Sometimes rx for bacterial overgrowth can help. Complex, need GI doc/center with much experience in this. 2nd opinion?