Smr turbinates (h) ethmoidectomy total, sphenoid & maxillary endoscopy w tissue removal, prtl excision turbinates fees image guidance please translate

FESS. Smr: this means that the surgeon removed inner tissue of the turbinate while sparing the outer lining (mucosa). Sounds like they were partially removed too. The rest relates to opening various sinuses under the guidance of a special ct scan photo (taken prior to surgery).
Translation. Smr turbinates-submucous resection of inferior turbinates= procedure to improve nasal obstruction ethmoidectomy, sphenoid, maxillary endoscopy= description of sinus procedures to open various sinus cavities partial excision turbinates=removal of portion of middle turbinate structure (not done as commonly anymore in most centers) image guidance=use of computer navigation system to guide surgery.