I did beta hCG test after 14 days blastocyst transfer. I did not get my period. Is their a chance I am pregnant?

Chance is very low. If your HCG is negative 14 days after blastocyst tranfer, your chance of pregnancy is very low. Hcg is detectable 4 days after blastocyst transfer, although many center do the pregnancy test 7 or 9 days after et. If 14 days later still negative, your chance of pregnancy is very unlikely. The reason you have not started your period is because you are still use progesterone.
Highly unlikely. Unfortunately, if your b-hcg was negative 14 days after blast transfer, the chance you are currenty pregnant is essentially zero. There are other reasons not to get your period after an ivf cycle (have you stopped your progesterone?) which would be far more likely than you being pregnant at this point. Sorry - good luck going forward!
Unlikely. If the result of the bhcg was negative 14 days after transfer of blastocyst embryos, then unlikely to be pregnant. Delay in menstrual period may be related to the hormones that you were producing (if fresh ivf cycle) or were taking (such as Progesterone supplementation). Of course, it's not impossible to spontaneously conceive the month after a treatment cycle either. May take urine preg test.

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I had my period on 5nov and I hav NT got my period yet. My periods are regular. Hav done beta hCG test & count is 1.7.Is it possible to b pregnant?

Very unlikely. It has been over 5 weeks since your last period and your HCG level should be much higher. It is possible that you ovulated late this cycle, but more likely you were pregnant and now HCG level has declined, representing a pregnancy loss. Follow up with your doctor. Read more...

I had a positive pregnancy test, however ultrasound did not find anything. Beta -hCG is 825 mlU/mL. Last period was 24/12/14?

Pregnancy. Three possibilities. You are pregnant and have IUP (intrauterine pregnancy) that is not being picked up, 2. You are going to have a miscarriage, 3 you have a ectopic pregnancy. You need to be rechecked and you need a repeat quantitative preg test. Read more...

I have normal periods. But this time. I got normal periods four days late. Beta hCG test range less than one. Am I pregnant with?

You are not pregnant. You are not pregnant. Sometimes women have some irregularity to their cycles, that doesn't mean anything bad. Read more...