What treatments are there for blepharitis?

Lid hygiene. Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids, often caused by overgrowth of normal skin bacteria that clogs the openings of the oil glands, as well as other factors. The end result is red, sometimes irritated eyelids and dry eyes. Treatment is aimed at decreasing the inflammation and bacteria with topical antibiotics and steroids, and increasing oil flow via hot compresses and other methods.
Blepharitis. Compresses w washcloth w hot water massage several minutes over closed lids. Apply baby shampoo to washcloth and clean lids w eyes closed, rinse. Perform 1-2x day. Short course of steroids and artificial tears for eye inflammation. Doxycycline or Minocycline of benefit, esp w associated rosacea.

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What treatments is there for severe blepharitis that is starting to affect vision?

Several treatments. Blepharitis is a chronic problem. It is really not curable, but there are several treatments that are effective. Most treatments are done at home, but under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. Depending on circumstances, they include warm compresses, local massage, topical antibiotics, topical steroids and topical cyclosporine. You need to consult your eye doctor for management. Read more...

What are treatments for blepharitis and ocular surface disease??

Good lid hygiene. The most common and yet effective treatment for blepharitis is daily lid scrubs followed by hot compresses. Some people will add a small amount of baby shampoo but often is not necessary. Ocular surface disease can be from different causes: dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction, poor lid/globe relationship, blepharitis, etc. Each will require different treatment. Read more...