Can ovarian cyst be treated n how?

Patience vs. Surgery. Most ovarian cysts in young women are "functional cysts", which evolve from a follicle that you ovulate from, then grow and finally resolve spontaneously over several weeks. Birth control pills do not speed up the resolution, but do decrease recurrences. If the cyst persists then surgery, often laparoscopic, is necessary to remove the cyst and have it tested for cancer.
Sometimes. Ovarian cysts can be physiological/cyclical and of no clinical significance especially if solitary and small. If multiple and present on the periphery of the ovaries, then it is poosible that you have high androgens (i.E testosterone) in which lifestyle changes +/- medication can help.

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What is an endomeitreoma ovarian cyst and how are they typically treated?

Endometriosis cyst. An endometrioma is an endometriosis cyst and is usually filled with old blood. They are also called chocolate cysts. They can be removed surgically but it is not always necessary to have surgery. Read more...

How is an ovarian cyst treated in a teenager?

Depends on many fact. Factors like the size, is it a simple cyst or not , is there any pain or not , if it is a simple fluid filled benign looking cyst that is not too large or causing too much pain then often times birth control pills can shrink the cyst and prevent future cysts from forming, if it is not simple then the diagnosis and txment options are totatlly differnet so the gyn can discuss all of this with you. Read more...

How is an ovarian cyst treated in a perimenopausal woman?

DEPENDS. On what kind, simple complex, solid, abnormal ovarian cancer blood work or not, the size, any free fluid anything else going on with the pelvic organs, your desire for fertilty or your fear of ovarian or uterine cancer or family history, all of these factor determine what your options are so make an appt to discuss all of this with your gyn that is your gyn's responsiblity to you like I do my pts. Read more...