My lab results show high levels of protein in urine 27 mg, urine creatinine 316.3 mg but levels of protein/creatinine ration 90 mg. What does it mean?

Protein in urine. The results mean that you probably have a lot of protein in your urine. To determine how much, you need to see a nephrologist and have a 24 hour urine collection to assess the amount of protein in your urine as well as your renal function. Depending on the amount of protein in your urine, you may need to have additional blood tests to see if you have any type of glomeulonephritis or diabetes.
Reassuring value. A urine protein to urine creatinine ratio of 0.9 is reassuring. It is an estimate of your 24hour urine protein... 90mg. A 24hour urine protein value of less and 100mg is very reassuring.