Alternative to slow down retinitis pigmentosa? Also does using bifocal lens on cataract surgery worsen the eye iself than standard lens

Vitamin A. Vitamin a , 15000 iu has been shown to slow down the progression of retinitis pigmentosa in some patients. A bifocal lens implanted during cataract surgery may not be the best lens for an rp patient. Small decreases in contrast sensitivity and halos can rarely occur with a bifocal iol. The best vision may be optained with a convetional implant. Your ophthalmologist can help you choose.
No treatment for RP. There has been no proven treatment for retinitis pigmentosa. A bifocal lens or any spectacle lens for that matter has no impact on the health of the eye. A multifocal intraocular lens increases the depth of focus of the eye but does decrease contrast sensitivity. A decrease in contrast sensitivity can impact the quality of vision for some patients.