How can I expect my baby to react to the rotateq vaccine?

None anticipated. I have never had a baby that didn't love this vaccine. They gobble it. It's adorable and a delight after the tears associated with injectable vaccine. There have been no adverse reactions in my pediatric practice as of yet.
No reaction expected. Some babies swallow the rotavirus vaccine eagerly, while other babies spit some of it out. It's not predictable what one baby will do. After the vaccine, there is usually no reaction later. Occasionally, a parent will report that their baby's poops were looser for a day or two, a day or two after the vaccine was taken.
Very Mild Effects. Rotavirus is a very serious disease and causes thousands of death worldwide annually. Before the vaccine, thousands of children were hospitalized every year in the U.S. The vaccine is very safe, with the most common side effects being mild diarrhea for a few days and some irritability.