Can I take multiple vitamins daily?

Yes, once a day. If a person has knowledge of nutrition and has a very balanced diet, then he or she may not need to take a daily multivitamin because his foods contain enough. I recommend each person take a multivitamin because many people don't have a truly balanced diet. Some people also need extra vitamin d, calcium, folate, omega3, etc..., depending on individual issues. Generally, there are no side effects.
Professional brand. It depends upon age and health conditions. Most of the easily availble vitamins do not support it fully and hence it would be a good idea to get it tested while annual physical and take it appropriately instead of flushing it out.

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Can I take a multiple vitamin daily even if I drink fruit smoothies or will I get to much with that combo?

You're fine. It's almost impossible to overdose on vitamins. You'll pee out what you can't use. You do need to be careful with vitamin a and vitamin d, but the amounts found in multivitamins and smoothies aren't worrisome. Read more...