Burning in belly with bloating along with yellow diarrhea after every meal.?

See your doc. Need to be checked by md. Many causes including infectious vs parasites vs inflammatory bowel vs celiac sprue vs pancreatic problems vs more rare disorders and others.

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I'm on my period, have diarrhea, urinating every 20-30 min. Painful, burning when urinating. Stomach bloating and cramping. Could this be endometrios?

See professionals... Based on all symptoms you described, professional will consider if you have UTI or an emptying bladder, which should be taken care of first. Endometriosis will be the issue to consider later; of course, it can coexist with other pelvic disorders. In doubt, see, talk, and work with professionals. Best wish. ..

Unbearable burning sharp pain right rib cage/ middle upper abdomen, stinky burps, bloating and gas, swollen ankles, diarrhea 3 weeks. No Gull bladder?

See your physician. With all your symptoms you should see your physician for a complete exam. Don't waste your time on self diagnosing on the internet, it will just be confusing.

Hvg recurrent diarrhea, bloating and burning sensation of stomach. Dull pain at lt. Side of tummy, what could it be? Inflammation of GI tract?

Could be. Infection, enteritis, inflammatory bowel disease, food allergies, most of which do require a visit to your doctor to diagnose.