How much should my baby weigh?

7 lbs. There is no specific weight that is normal. The range for a full term newborn is 5 and 1/2 lbs to about 9 lbs. Otherwise the weight vary per age. More important than the actual weight is whether the baby is continuing to grow in the expected manner which follows the percentiles in the growth chart.
9 lbs. That totally depends on how old the baby is, what the baby weighed at birth, how the baby is fed, genetics, etc... Essentially though, baby should gain about an ounce per day and a pound every two weeks for the first 6 months and half that the second six months of life. Another way to think about it is, babies should double birth weight by 4-6 months and triple by one year and quadruple by 2 yrs.

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At 4 month about how much should my baby weighing in my belly?

About 3.5 ounces. For more information on what your baby is up to in there (and links to subsequent weeks) see: http://www.Baby2see.Com/development/week16.Html. Read more...
Quarter-pounder. At 16 wks of gestational age, the baby is still quite small--actually a bit less than 4 oz (less than a 1/4 pound). Most of the weight/size is actually amniotic fluid, placenta etc... The actual size of the guy/gal is very small--but grows more rapidly toward later in pregnancy. Maybe by 22-23 wks he/she will be a bout 1 pound. By 32-32 wks, maybe ~4lbs and by term of 40wks, 7.5 lbs. Good luck. Read more...