Skin on hands peeling?

Use hand cream or lo. Use any moisturising cream or lotion and the new skin will come.

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Skin on hand peeling from hand washing; how long to grow back? Is it safe to handle sensitive objects or should I wait for skin to grow back?

Use gloves. You may be sensitive to the bleach or soap. Wear gloves. Also use lubriderm or aveeno (oatmeal) for your hands. You may also have eczema. See a doctor if this worsens.

Can cold weather cause the skin on hands to peel/break/sting and sometimes bleed? Does it also make bruises heal slower?

Cold weather. This first part answer is yes, second one also yes. Cold causes vasoconstriction resulting in decreased blood flow to skin, this is why the skin dries, cracks etc. And bruises will take longer to heal.

Can someone explain to me how come my skin on my hand is peeling?

More info. Would need more information on other areas of body affected, parts of hands affected, and. A dermatologist or allergist can help, but first consider the frequency of hand washing, and whether you've changed soaps/detergents/lotions recently. You may have an allergy, or simply dry skin. See your primary physician for evaluation, as rarely some types of peeling can be signs of dangerous condition.

I was just diagnosed with mono. The skin on my hands is peeling now. Is that normal?

Unusual. It's an unusual and not commonly seen clinical manifestation of mono but it can occur with the disease. It's best to try to avoid peeling it (although I know that's hard!) and let it be. It won't hurt you any more than the other symptoms you may have, other than making sure you protect your spleen at all costs. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Skin of my hand peels off...Doctors recommended me medicine namely cesol -s. What could be the reasons for my condition?

Psoriasis or eczema? It is difficult to diagnose without an examination. Persistent dermatitis of hands an vary from eczema to contact dermatitis to psoriasis depending on the examination and evaluation. A dermatologist should evaluate persistent eruptions. I have no idea what cesol-s is.