I Have a toothache out of this world on just the right side of my mouth and my gums on that side are swollen what can I do to bring the swelling down?

Dentist. The only thing that will really get the problem taken care of is seeing a dentist who may put you on an antibiotic. In the meantime, cold compresses and Ibuprofen should help with the pain.
See a Dentist! If you have swelling, that's a clear sign of infection. There's nothing you can do to fix that yourself. It needs to be addressed right away by a dentist. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to have increasing pain and a more difficult and costly fix later. Get that taken care of before the swelling and pain get worse. This can be serious and very uncomfortable if you wait.
Antibiotics. This sounds like more than just a tooth infection - this sounds like a dental abscess. I would either see1) a dentist 2) an ENT or 3) go to er. I would get this treated asap!