How often should my baby move?

Baby movement. All depends on many factors including your diet and medications, the baby's size. Once a day is usually adequate but even that doesn't mean anything bad because you just might not feel it.
As much as possible! Babies should spend lots of time on the floor and be given lots of opportunities to move around. It's good for strength and acquisition of physical skills. It is also very important, however, for cognitive skills: babies need the chance to explore and experiment.

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At 28 weeks how often should my baby girl move in 1 drs have said 10 times in a hour. My daughter might move 6 times in day or not at all,?

Assessment. Generally babies move about every 30-60 minutes. It is sometimes difficult to appreciate fetal movement. You need to see your doctor and have a biophysical profile done which looks at movement and other measurements of fetal health. I hope all is well. Read more...

How often should my unborn baby move. I'm 6m pregnant. Sometimes I wont feel her all day. Is that normal?

Be seen. Babies should move daily at 6 months, but it is likely that he/she is moving, but you cannot feel it because of distraction. Eat something to raise your blood sugar, and lay on the couch or bed and feel for the baby to move. If you have not felt movement by the end of 30 minutes, you should call your doctor. Read more...