Got dry socket after molar extraction, now have inflammed, red gum, in same socket but nearer to wisdom tooth. Antib's cause thrush, any other solutions?

See your dentist. There are a few things that can be done to treat a dry socket. Usually combination of antibiotics, pain medication, and perhaps palliative dressing can be placed in the mouth to help alleviate the pain. You should see your doctor to change your antibiotic and get a pain med that will help alleviate your pain. There is little you can do aside from that, although it should heal in ~3-4 weeks.
See your dentist. Dry sockets do occur, especially if you are smoking (don't!). Please call the dentist who removed your tooth. He/she will evaluate for any infection, any secondary problem, and possibly place a soothing packing at the site. Antibiotics may not be necessary unless there is swelling. Call today.