I have varicocel or varicose veins in my scrotum, can surgery help, my doc said its nothing to worry about. Please help here am depressed?

Risk versus benefit. Your doc is letting you know the health risk of varicocele is low. However, okay to ask for surgery referral to learn about benefit in your case. Take a friend or family with you to appointment. Good luck.
See Urologist. This is a varicoceole and can be quite easily addressed by your urologist. Seek a consultation. Do not suffer needlessly.
Better approaches. This can be treated by injecting the the veins with medicine to make them close off by scarring down. It is done through a small puncture in the vein.

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How long before the varicose veins remove after you had surgery for varicocele? 1year, 2year or more? My surgery was already 1year and 4months..

May be... May be... Varicocelectomy is done through a 2-3-inch inguinal incision to explore, isolate, ligate, and remove a 1.5-3 cm of dilated veins in the spermatic cord with/without help of microscope ; doppler ultrasound. So, the surgery doesn't remove entire dilated veins, but a section to eliminate gravitation pressure inside pampiniform venous plexus so to collapse, shrink, ; obliterate them; so, still there... Read more...
Varicose and VV. There is no need to wait long after varicocele surgery to undergo a varicose vein procedure. I would recommend waiting for the vein procedures until you are feeling well from the varicocele procedure. Most likely 2 to 4 weeks is adequate. Read more...