Hi im only 32 years old & I just noticed a lump on my right breast.. About the size of a quarter. Should I b concerned about breast cancer?

Yes. A dominant breast mass is cancer until proved otherwise. It's your physician's call whether to perform imaging, try to aspirate it (this will make a cyst vanish), or needle-biopsy it. The good news is that a woman who checks her breast regularly (yes, it's a very good idea even in the "mammogram age") and acts appropriate when she finds a lump almost never dies of breast cancer. Good luck.
See your doc. Any new symptoms involving your breast should be brought to the attention of your friend primary care physician. While breast cancer in a 32 year is not common, it is possible.
Sort of. Hopefully it will be a benign lump but you should definitely get a diagnostic (not screening) mammogram and ultrasound at a dedicated breast imaging center.