Is it okay to burst a sebaceous cyst?

Not advised. This is generally recommended because it could lead to infection or make surgical removal more difficult.
Bursting a Cyst. It is not okay to burst a sebaceous cyst. This can lead to serious infections, especially if the cyst is on the face. Better see your physician who will make the proper diagnosis. You don't reall know if it's a sebaceous cyst, do you?
Eh... You risk introducing infection and they have a likelihood of recurring. The cyst needs to be removed if bothering you. If not bothering you can be safely watched. .

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I have a vaginal sebaceous cyst that burst last night while I was asleep so I woke up, took a hot shower then let it drain. What do I do now?

Bartholin's cyst. In all likelihood, this is a bartholin's cyst. These tend to have a high likelihood of recurrence. However, it could be another entity and it is not unreasonable to have this examined to confirm the diagnosis. Read more...