How long will my baby have baby acne?

1-3 months old. In my experience, all but the most mild cases of infant acne peak in the second month of life and then fade gradually over the following few weeks. I tell parents that it will probably get worse before it gets better. Happily, in some cases, both they and I are pleasantly suprised.
2-3 Weeks. Baby acne is a common, self-limited condition that does not require treatment, but can be lessened with the application of a weak steroid cream. Acne that persists past 1 month old is probably not acne and should be reexamined by your pediatrician.

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7 week infant has baby acne and dry skin on face. What can I do to help? How long does thr acnd usually last?

Patience. Baby acne is a common and temporary problem. It usually appears by age 2 weeks and disappears by 3 months. Keeping the skin clean is the major plan. If it persists after 3 months and or intensifies, some normal ace treatments can be beneficial, but the doc should look into unusual hormonal issues as a cause at that point.

Does baby acne on an infant make their skin appear darker?

Consult doctor. An infant should not have acne. If the baby has any rash or pimples, please consult your pediatrician.

Can a 3 week old infant get baby acne on her head? All over her face also including eyelids. Everyday it's getting worse. What can I do?

Baby acne. Baby acne is a common occurence. Wash her face with mild soap once a day. Do not try to pop the pimples or blackheads. The acne will disappear over several months. If the acne is becoming more widespread have her seen by her doctor.

Can baby acne appear in places other than the babies face? My son's ped diagnosis him w/baby acne. But it has spread to his arms and shoulders.

Baby Acne. Baby acne, also called infant or infantile acne, looks like a rough, red rash. It's most common on the infant's cheeks and nose, although it can appear anywhere on the face and back. Comedones and papules will be present, and possibly some small pustules. Baby acne may come and go, and tends to look worse when the baby is fussy or crying. Yes, it can also appear on arms or legs.
Anywhere teens have. Baby acne is very similar in origin and distribution as that of a teenager. The face & upper chest & back are most often involved along with the shoulders. All the lesions seem to be a similar age & gradually fade over time.

My baby is 2months old with baby acne. I was wonder how long will it take for it to go away?

Usually gone by 4-6. Baby acne is a transient issue related to hormonal exposure in pregnancy. It has usually disappeared by 4-6m.Any acne like outbreak present at 12m or later suggests a different source of hormonal stimulation & should be looked into.

How long does it take for baby acne (if this is what it is) to resolve? And if it doesn't, when should we see the pediatrician?

Milia Rubra. Milia or inflamed sebaceous glands usually last for 2-3 months. Avoiding heat and applying cool compresses may help. Also placing the baby on non irritating surfaces may help. All the best and it will resolve.