Dear dr. I need a help from you all its about my mother my mother has a.S.D mean atrial septal defect or you can say hole in the heart what I do?

Get evaluated. Treatment depends on size, flows, pressures and her personal health and risk factors. Asd is correctable with surgical techniques and occasionally other devices.
Maybe nothing. A lot of the asds don't need to be fixed. Your cardiologists should be able to guide you on that decision. In general, it depends on how big and where it is but also on the results of the cath. If she needs repair, i would check on having it performed robotically/minimally invasive.
Hole. The atrial septal defect is a hole in between the upper chambers of the heart. ASD as initials might also be applied to autistic spectrum disorder or other processes. I encourage people to avoid using initials to describe something when there are more than one possible interpretation.
Depends. The answer depends on your mother's other conditions, if she has symptoms, or if she has ever had a stroke. I would recommend you have a long talk with her primary doctor and cardiologist as there are many factors. Some people do not require anything but others benefit from ASD closure.