Mum (60yrs)suffering hip inflamation&clacification, trying to avoid surgery. Recently dr. Prescribed "mena q7' (natural vitamin k2) do u recommend?

MenaQ7 . Menaq7 is a vit k2 product derived from soybeans. Its use has been touted for both heart disease and treatment of osteoporosis. The problem described sounds like osteoarthritis for which the menaq7 probably has less benefit. Very few scientific studies have been done on vitk2 so many of the benefits on the internet are from sellers of the products and results are anectdotal.
Too Vague Info. Glucosamine+chondroitin (+/- hyaluronic acid acid) has best track record for supporting/healing rebuilding cartilage in joints, along with staying active without pushing pain too much & have seen many benefit, including self, but also very slow, commonly months before change apparent. Much on the market sourced from china (would avoid). Have used nutrasense many yrs. K2 questionable: bone & theory.