What is the normal vaginal discharge for females?

Clear or white. A normal vaginal discharge will vary in appearance, consistancy, and volume during the menstrual cycle. Near ovulation the discharge is usually clear, with an increase in volume, thin and watery. At the end of the cycle it usually becomes thicker and sticky, with less volume. A discolored discharge, or one that is clumpy, or with a foul odor is not normal.
Varies. All women have some vaginal discharge. Normal discharge may be clear, cloudy white, and/or yellowish when dry on clothing. It may also contain white flecks & may be thin and stringy. Changes in normal discharge can occur for many reasons: menstrual cycle, emotional stressors, nutritional status, & birth control. Abn dsch has an odor, itching/burning or any greenish/yellow should be evaluated.